I Started skating as a youngster around 91-92. Left the game for a while, but jumped back on the board years later after missing the little things like the feeling of just rolling on smooth flat ground and kicking the board around with the homies. I always had the "you don't have to be good at something to like it" mentality to keep me going, and I love skateboarding. I just suck at it.

As far as the blog...Being on a skateboard with that mentality you will never look at the streets the same. You will always see something and think "Man, that would be sick if someone could....". So any time me and my skate buddy's see one of those spots in and around L.A./O.C., or maybe a nice spot we may have skated we take a snapshot of it so you know its out there, and anyone who can...Get Some!

Nov 22, 2010


Looking at this takes me right to Video Days. Then that takes me back to a time when I loved everything about the skateboarding scene. You know, when you actually knew who anyone with a board in your area was. Even if you didn't know them personally you still knew their name, or who they skated with. Ah, the good Ol days.
Guy Mariano/ Video Days, Blind Skateboards

Nov 11, 2010

Ground Round Bar

Another spot I came accross just cruzin around. This looks like it would be pretty. The bar is about knee high from the sidewalk and the ground is rough, but looks bareable if you had some bigger wheels. This was also in the parking lot of a empty building.

Uphill Battle

Heavy Traffic on my way home today so I tried to take a little short cut. Just as I was turning the corner I seen this uphill (or downhill) ledge poking out. Pretty high on the up side, but crazy looking so I thought Id take a couple pics. Looks like there is a bit of wax on it too.

Oct 4, 2010

High Noon

Another amazing day at the Vans Downtown Showdown! I wish I took more pictures, but I got excited and started drinking a little too early and said fuck the camera. Always a good time at this event. Vincent Alvarez was killing it! And that's Hersh in the last pic working the bowl.

Sep 13, 2010

Perfect Ten

Got hooked up with some tickets to go watch "Street League" Saturday. Besides half the peeps there just to see Rob D. & Sheckler, it was pretty sick. There is nothing "street" about it though. I felt like a fucking little kid getting to watch Koston rip. Might have to work on the scoring system a bit so we dont see the same cats in all the finals. Not that I'm dissin, just wish we could see more of the other OG skaters. Gotta shitty video clip from my phone.


Aug 29, 2010

Double Time

These things have been getting handled for years now.

Danny Garcia/ Inhabitants, Habitat

Aug 16, 2010

Rest Up

On the way out to see Primus in Vegas, there was this rest stop that looked more like a skate park. I wish I took better pics, but it was midnight and on my cell phone. People thought I was trying to take pictures 0f them.

Aug 8, 2010

Too Much Talent

Went to see the finals at the Maloof Money Cup today. What a sight to see so many talented skaters in one place.

Aug 4, 2010


Man, seeing this and being around when the first plan b era was laying it down...you can't help but think of Rickk Howard's part in Virtual Reality.

Rick Howard/ Virtual Reality, Plan B

Aug 2, 2010

Anaconda Run

These are not doubles on this post, that's just how long this sidewalk glory is! You can see just how long it is by the parked truck. It's in the same spot through all the pics taken.

Jul 25, 2010


Looks like you would need mad pop coming in, and getting out!

Sean Malto/ And Now, Transworld

Jul 21, 2010

Pop That Coochie

Still surprised this has not been waxed yet. Although, it does seem like it would be hard to get some time here without being rolled up on. Also, not much runway so it would have to probably be the old run and set up. Sick non the less, and still want to see this one done.

Jul 19, 2010

Chicken Slide

Someone spent some time smoothing out that little sidewalk hit.
Tjaden Brewer/ Telegraph Skateboards

Jul 18, 2010

Clear for take off

Seen some kids skating this by the pad. Long runway.

Jul 15, 2010


Right next to a McDonalds training center.

Jul 10, 2010

Call Wall

That pic of Koston hitting this on the fourstar site is sick.

Jul 5, 2010


I have seen this spot for years now, and never see fresh wax on it. Being next to a four lane road I would bring some spotters if you ever tried this during the day. The top of the little wall is higher than it looks in the pic too.

Along the Way

Imagine having this on the way to your local liquor store. I can see me cuzin by for another twelver with a little confidence and end up limping back home.