I Started skating as a youngster around 91-92. Left the game for a while, but jumped back on the board years later after missing the little things like the feeling of just rolling on smooth flat ground and kicking the board around with the homies. I always had the "you don't have to be good at something to like it" mentality to keep me going, and I love skateboarding. I just suck at it.

As far as the blog...Being on a skateboard with that mentality you will never look at the streets the same. You will always see something and think "Man, that would be sick if someone could....". So any time me and my skate buddy's see one of those spots in and around L.A./O.C., or maybe a nice spot we may have skated we take a snapshot of it so you know its out there, and anyone who can...Get Some!

Oct 4, 2010

High Noon

Another amazing day at the Vans Downtown Showdown! I wish I took more pictures, but I got excited and started drinking a little too early and said fuck the camera. Always a good time at this event. Vincent Alvarez was killing it! And that's Hersh in the last pic working the bowl.


  1. Isn't that BA on the left of the first pic?

  2. Yup. I was standing next to Julien Stranger when I took this and was trippin on that. Not to mention seeing Howard, Carroll, Sheffey, Trujillo, Alva, Lucerro etc. all in one spot.Fucking trippy